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The Nexusinfo’s Nedusoft is a fully integrated software product that has of late been exclusively designed and developed for Educational Institutions. Nedusoft provides data based compilation of students right from Admission to issuance of Transfer Certificate and Alumni, Issue of color Photo Id card, Payment of Fee, on-line attendance, conduct of Internal Exams, Generation of Question Papers from the Question Bank, Printing of Marks card, Hall ticket and performance related information providing access to their parents through website. Details of Admin, Teaching and non teaching staff, their Payroll, payments, individual performance of teachers, their assignments, conduct of classes, time table and other services to generate specific/widely focused information by maintaining a centralized database with separate module for Admission, Fee payment, Attendance, Exams, Library, Inventory control, Payroll, Finance and Accounts, User management, webreport etc. At present Nexusinfo is rendering its valuable services to some of A+ Accredited Institutions like Mount Carmel college, Indira Priyadarshini School, Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology,  International Institute of Business Management, International Institute of Management and Commerce, Abbas Khan College for Women etc. to name a few.

ONLINE ADMISSION: This modules covers from pre admission to the entire admission process which will save lot of time and energy including manpower; it keeps a track on online applications, students registration, interviews, selection result and generation of fee receipts on admission.

FEE MANAGEMENT: This Module has a configurable fee structure like management fee, university fee, scholar ship, waivers, optional fee and fine related information like fee collection, pending fee etc.

ONLINE ATTENDANCE & REPORT CARD (attendance exam marks card): This module offers flexibility in maintaining online attendance of students/staff through PC or electronic devices (Bio-Metric etc.); it is very user friendly e-attendance which can be handled by respective faculties will give customized attendance reports where in an instant SMS is send to parents on Marking absence.

QUESTION BANK: Generation of question bank subject and chapter wise (objective and Subjective). Generation of Exam /Test Papers from the Question Banks.

Examination Module: This Module offers planning, maintenance and generation of internal exam/test/marks card , it helps in monitoring the progress of students at different levels having combination of subjects/exams/class-wise or even section-wise performance and generation of marks by the faculties with much ease.

Time Table Module: This module simplifies time consuming task of institution, it features dynamic generation of time tables, class or faculty subject-wise and any substitution in the event of leave or absenteeism of a particular faculty.

STAFF (TEACHING & NON TEACHING): It enables to store all personal (spouse family etc.)academic , professional and skill matrix of the staff, it generates report for the current /transfer/retired staff. And varied reports for further use.

PAYROLL: It is designed for handling of the remuneration/remuneration of staff. It generates pay slip showing deductions of EPF/ESI/PT/Salary Statement including Saral tax returns and leave management, loan and advances.

SCHEDULE & REMINDERS: It offers wide range for all activities by scheduling/informing the parents for any social events/sending reminders about nonpayment of fee/attendance shortage/performance of student etc via SMS and E-mail.

WEB REPORTING MODULE: It is a web based interface with parents/guardian for better co-ordination between parents and institution by providing access to the Report card/attendance/exam marks/ fee/lesson update etc. from anytime/anywhere through internet.

ACCOUNTS MODULE: It’s a complete package of accounts having features like creation of group/ledgers, vouchers like payments/receipts/general/contra etc. Income and expenditure statements/balance sheets various report related to accounts.

USER MANAGEMENT: This modules plays an important role in offering security at different levels for management of ERP, where the administrator will have sole access to the entire system, vesting the limited rights for different users to prevent unauthorized access. This module assigns the right to users on every screen for adding/updating/deleting/ only viewing and printing at user group level and individual.

INTERFACE WITH THE EXTERNAL DEVICES: With the help of interfacing software of the device supplied by the vendor we can retrieve the data and generate the salary and attendance bills.

INVENTORY MODULE: This Module covers all the purchases, issued and stock, maintenance of items, it offers a wide range of features like generation of indent/requisition, enquiry/comparative statement/ purchase order, material inward/return vendor –wise issue and return of the items employee wise plus various reports usefull for inventory control.

LIBRARY MODULE : It deals with all library needs and processes issue and return of books to the students /staff, management of books with barcode author and subject-wise, book dues fine there off.

STUDENTS: It enables the institution to store all personal and academic, extra curricular activity, skill matrix and complete data of the current student/any dropouts/transferred and of alumni plus related information.

LESSON UPDTAE: Day to day lessons can be updated online where in the faculty members can upload their notes in pdf or any other format which will help the students to download the same and study on these subjects.

FACULTY FEEDBACK: All the data related to faculty feedback from the students can easily captured through students login which can be used for further analysis and in turn help the management know the strength and weakness of the faculty members for further action.

PLACEMENT: This module is designed to take care of the needs related to placements, where in the placement officer can generate the data of students based on different criteria like cut of percentage, stream quota etc. and the same can be intimated to the students via sms or e-mail. After the completion of the interview all the related info like status of interview, offer letters, CTC can be uploadedin the portal along with documents.

REPORTS: There are around 100 standard reports available in this module, which can be further customized based on the requirement of institutions.

Some of the Standard Reports are:

1. Number of applications/admissions along with their personal details. 19. Over Due Reports.
2. Sorting on Merit/Percentage-wise list. 20. Over Due Fine Collection Reports.
3. Category/Quota- wise list. 21. Stocks Reports of Inventory.
4. Generation of Interview list and Publication on the Website/Notice board via SMS. 22. Items Issue Report Department/Employee-Wise.
5. Selected list and its publications on the Website/Notice board/SMS. 23. Employee Details, Teaching/Non-Teaching.
6. Admission Reports-No. of students admitted . 24. Performance/No of Classes Taken/Appraisals etc.
7. Course wise, Quota and Category etc. 25. Leaves/Absenteeism.
8. Seat Matrix Fixed vs Available. 26. Skill Matrix for Staff/Students.
9. Fee Receipts/Fee Pending Reports. 27. Purchase Reports Vendor/ Material-wise.
10. Fee Scholarship/Concessions and waivers Report. 28. Financial reports like Fee collected of Management and University.
11. Shortage of Attendance Subject Wise/Class Wise. 29. Projection/Actuals Fee Collection.
12. Internal Exams/Test Marks Reports. 30. Account Receivables.
13. Web Access to Parents/Students. 31. Accounts payable .
14. SMS alerts/Reminders for Attendance and Fee. 32. Cheques Issued/Cheques Received.
15. Performance of student Class wise/Faculty-wise. 33. Bank Transactions Reports.
16. Library, Stock, Management of books. 34. Cash Book Register.
17. Books issued Reports. 35. Cheques  Under Clearance.
18. Student books return report. 36. Balance Sheet Etc.