The Manufacturing sectors faces continually changing business process, data and requirements which make it nearly impossible for a typical, inflexible ERP system to keep pace with what the business really needs.

Customers are reducing the number of suppliers with which they do business. They are choosing the best and strongest. Most manufacturers look to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to enhance organizations overall performance. In many cases, the original drivers that let to an ERP selection were to streamline and simplify business processes fo a sustainable competitive advantage.

In most of the cases, implementation miss the mark, and instead of delivering promise cost reduction, business agility and performance improvements, ERP systems create, complexity, duplication of efforts and in the worst cases, poor quality and customer service, and dangerous lack of visibility in to the business.

Your data is “locked up” within your out-dated ERP system and is difficult to access, analyze for decision making. Worse yet, engineering and design, quality management, EDI, customer orders and release, accounting all reside in “silos” of information that exists independently of each other.

A silo environment increases complexity and ensures duplication of efforts with different versions of the truth, which compromises the quality, reliability and accessability of vital information.

With the raising ERP solution maintenance fees, you are not in control of IT expenditures. Some of the biggest ERP vendors, consistently raise maintenance fees, which increases the total cost of ownership overtime.

Technical differences among a range of applications also required the hiring of experts to implement and maintain the various applications. Also it is difficult to access the real-time data on travel.

Chances are some are most of the issues described above may be true to most of the organizations. To overcome, fortunately a new breed of software as a service of SaaS ERP (NANO ERP) resolve these challenges, so the manufacturers can thrive by doing what they do best and not writing or maintaining software.

Nano ERP, is a SaaS technology offering robust ERP functionality without the need for expensive servers, operating systems, database software, backup equipments and the IT specialist to manage all of that. Cloud based Nano ERP is always up to date and available to customers also as subscription based. Means hassle free, disruption or cost free with version upgrades.

In today’s manufacturing sector, the value steam is increasingly interconnected. More just-in-time replenishment is being done, and suppliers need easy access to your orders and inventory levels without installation of any special software to connect, the supplier can quickly and easily get the information they need.

Unlike many older ERP systems, which are difficult to learn, making users easily frustrated when they are instructed to press function keys and escape buttons to access and exit. Nano ERP comes with an user friendly interface making the users to work easily.

Nano ERP, is not a software that need to install but an online solution which is accessible only to the authorised users via internet with standard web browser.

The fact that is cloud based and requires no infrastructure to implement makes it ideal for managing multiple plants and project sites linking customers, suppliers and employees in to a centralized database of real-time information no matter were they are around the globe.

Finally the system meets key targets for data continuity and disaster recovery.



A centralized dashboard for approvals and alerts enabling decision making based on the real time progress of projects for ease of managements.


Has been designed to handle from pre-sales to post-sales activities offering the wide coverage of CRM. All the enquiries/leads generated from the existing and prospective customers, followed by quotation and negotiations finally leading to the confirmation of orders, deliveries, invoice generation to receipt of payments. It offers wide range of reports.


This modules covers all the purchase related activities across project sites right from indent, purchase enquiry, suppliers quotations, release of purchase order to the vendors, material inwards, GRN’s, material return, vendor payment, etc…


Covers all external purchases, inward movements of goods with in project sites, material consumption at site and stock alerts.


Manage all activities related to the sub-contractors such as work orders labour attendance, payments work progress and competition.

Finance & Accounts

It is a complete package of accounts and features include payments, receipts, general and contra vouchres, etc. Income and expenditure statements, profits and loss accounts, balance sheets and various tailor made reports related to accounts.

HRMS & Payroll

It enables to store and manage all personal, family, academic, professional and skill matrix of the staff, their appointments appraisals etc. Daily attendance, OT, onduty, permissions and holidays. This module offers individual employee login allowing them to maintain their leaves, permission, onduty, loans and salary advance etc.

Users Management

This modules plays an important role in offering security at different levels for management of ERP. Where the administrator will have sole access to the entire system, vesting the limited rights for different users to prevent unauthorized access. This module assigns the right to users on every screen for add/update/delete/ only view and printing at user group level and individual.